Why are all the sizes different?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

It is so annoying trying to find the right size, especially when the size changes from brand to brand.

I went to Kohl's to try on some different sizes in all the different brands, and I know from shopping at other stores what my size is. I found it quite annoying and it can actually be quite discouraging to women who are having problems looking for their sizes already.

I tried on clothing from Apt. 9, Elle, LC Lauren Conrad, Sonoma, Simply Vera Vera Wang, and the Jennifer Lopez collection. I am not going to share every photo I took, because some were seriously NOT flattering, I really only took photos of myself in the clothing I fit in.

I initially tried on Apt. 9 top and bottoms, finding I was a size XL for my bottoms and L for my top. I proceeded to try on others.

I showed up in my normal clothing, normally from Torrid or Target. My top is an XXL (just because I love my tops being oversized) and my jeans are a size 18 (which would be considered an XXL). I tried on the Apt. 9 sweater, which was an L and fit to my liking (probably could have gone smaller if I really wanted to, but decided I liked the loser fit) and the skirt, which was supposed to be tummy tucking, and indeed, was not.

From the front, the skirt was cute. From the side, it was not. I decided to go on and try on the LC Lauren Conrad pants in a size XL, which actually fit really well.

I had tried on a pair of pants that were an XL from Sonoma, and those were way too tight in the thighs, I felt like I was going to pop out of them. They were the same fabric as these too, which were odd.

I continued to try on dresses at this point. The dresses I found flattering were loose and XL. The first one I tried was an XL from Sonoma:

It was super cute and flowy and yellow, which I never thought I would like. I continued to try on another yellow dress, which I do not have a picture of. It was an XL from Popsugar, and it was not flattering to larger figures. I can see it being cute on someone skinnier, but putting it on me, a larger framed woman was a lot harsher.

I continued with dresses, trying on a Wednesday Addams styled dress in an L from Elle. It was not flattering and was still pretty form-fitting. I proceeded to try on a plum-colored one in an XL, in which it was still fitting the same way. Very odd. I tried on the XL dress from the Jennifer Lopez collection as well, which was disappointing as well. I could barely get that one on. It fit really well... on my thigh. So much for an XL?

The idea that each company has a different idea of large and size 20 is odd, has a lot to do with their manufacturing but is still very hard for people. As women, we have enough of a problem trying to fit into society's standards of curvy and skinny and pretty, but having to struggle from one size in one brand to another can cause some continued insecurities or serious body dysmorphia. Overall, we are all beautiful, no matter what size we are. We can become impatient when trying to find clothing but stay calm, breath, and you WILL find something you are happy, radiant, and confident in.

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