My 2018 Spring Skin Care Favorites

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Skin care is a fad that everyone is going crazy for, and I am loving it! Being in cosmetology school, I have learned a lot about the skin and what works for it and what helps keep it looking young. I believe this 'fad' should stay relevant. Makeup comes and goes, hair grows back, but your skin is something you only have once (and do not go all scientifical, Black Mirroron me, I am talking about the present!). Skin is something you should alway care about and make sure it is nice and healthy. Your thirty and forty year old self will thank you! Here are some products I am loving for my skin!

Something I want to point out that I am not including in this article is that a good sunscreen is a must. Not the sunscreen you buy for the beach but the sunscreen that is also a moisturizer. Sunscreen keeps your skin from aging, and by aging, I mean wrinkles. The only reason I am not including one is because I am still trying to find one I really like.

DISCLAIMER: None of these products below are sponsored. I purchased them all myself and just want to share with you how much I love them all. Also, I am not an expert! If you suffer from skin issues and are scared to try these products, consult with a dermatologist or test these products before use if you are scared of having a reaction. You can also see all the ingredient lists on the websites I linked below.

First up is this beauty. This is the Pure Clay Cleanser Purify and Mattify. I have very oily skin and a lot of little acne spots, also known as congestion. This has helped a lot and feels great on my skin. I use it in the morning everyday and I feel so refreshed after. You can purchase it from Ulta here.

I mix this with The Pure Clay Cleanser above. I exfoliate once a day and it really helps. I also have super sensitive skin and this does not hurt to use daily. It has kiwi seeds and sugar in it, which really helps exfoliate. It says to only use 3x a week, so when I use it for the most part, I only scrub at the places that really have a lot of congestion (chin, nose, and forehead). Three times a week, I do a deep scrub on my whole face to really detoxify and help get any other impurities out. You can get it from Ulta here.

These two I always use together. Oxy Face wash has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and is proven to kill bacteria on the skin. On every skin post I make, I will include this because I have been using this since I was twelve (I am eighteen now). I use it every night and I mix it with the Pure Clay Cleanser Detox and Brighten. It is made with charcoal and I am feel it really cleansing my skin after a long day. You can get the Oxy wash hereand the Pure Clay Cleanser from Ulta here.

I use these three face masks at once. The Detox and Brighten Face mask(the black one) is made with charcoal. It really helps get rid of all the pollution and dirt from the week out of your skin. I use it on my cheeks and nose where I get the most blackheads. The green/gray colored mask is the Purify and Mattify Pure-Clay Mask. I put it on my forehead and around my lips, which is where I get the most oily. And finally, the red, clay looking one (which does have a clay consistency) is theExfoliate and Refine Clay Mask. I put this on my chin, lower cheeks, and around my forehead, the places have congestion. I use this mask once a week.

I spray on this Rose Water twice a day. Once in the morning after my face wash and once before bed (again) after my face wash. It helps with acne, redness, and helps moisturize the skin also. I do not suffer from red skin other that when I pick at a zit ("At Home Surgery" as they call it), but I do suffer from slightly dry skin on my nose and chin, so putting foundation on can be an issue sometimes. Rose water has gotten so much hype recently and I absolutely love it. You can get it here.

This is the Beauty Sleep Accelerator from Soap and Glory. Ulta use to sell it but do not anymore and I do not know why, but I love how this product has made my skin feel. I use it every other night, right before bed. It helps hydrate your skin during the night or right before a flight. You can get it here.

I use Jojoba and Vitamin E oil every night before bed and it is honestly the best decision I have ever made. People with oily skin get scared by the idea of adding more oil, but if you use good oils, there should not be an issue. Jojoba oil helps with acne and oily skin and should be used in very light moderation. I use one drop and i mix it withe the Beauty Sleep Accelerator. The vitamin E oil is good for scars. I have a lot of acne scars and I have noticed that they have lightened significantly since I have started using it. You can get the Jojoba oil here and the Vitamin E here.

That is all I have for this skin care article this time! If you have any questions, let me know down below or just email me what you want to know.

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