2018 Makeup Products I Do Not Like/Will Not Buy

So, this is something I don't usually do. I do not like to talk down on a product/brand just because I do not like it, but I think it is important to discuss why I do not like certain beauty products and/or will not recommend them. Some of these I had posted on my Instagram, showing off their lipstick, but I have since taken them down because I know longer believe in having them posted.

Up first on my list (and some may hate me for this) is Kat Von D.

I am not a huge fan of her, not even really her products. Her products are just fine, but I can fine something that is of the same great quality for cheaper and not from a person like her. I personally am not a fan of her or her lifestyle and I do not feel like buying from her anymore due to the idea that I am (in a sense) supporting her bad behavior buy giving her my money. She has done a lot that has made me not like her, and if you want to know the list, then google what she has done because it is a very looonnngggg list.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara and their eyeshadows.

I absolutely LOVE Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, so I wanted to give their waterproof one a try. I was honestly disappointed. It actually comes off WORSE than the normal mascara. At the end of the day, my undereyes are black, which I do not get from the normal mascara, which is odd to me. I'm happy I had only bought the small $12 travel size instead of wasting $24 on a mascara I would never wear. I have heard from a lot of people they have the same issues and that it is not just me.

Then there is their eyeshadows. Too Faced spends all their money on their really cute packaging and not enough on their formula. There is very little pigment from their newest shadows. When I was younger, my mom would buy the cute little boxed palettes that had three different eye looks from Too Faced and it was SO pigmented (insert Manny MUA clip). I use to play with her eyeshadow and I'd come out looking a mess, but they were very pigmented still! Now that they have become bigger, the products they use have become cheaper and their packaging and sweet chocolate and peanut butter smells are what keeps makeup lovers all over coming back. Until I hear they have better pigmentation, I will not be purchasing their eyeshadow again.

Next is Colourpop.

This one I'm not done buying from. I love their work and their products are pretty dang good. I just cannot stand the fact that they come out with something new every week. It is so hard to keep up with them and honestly, it is just downright annoying. I go on Instagram everyday and see a new product they're launching that same day. It is just too much. Something else I personally do not recommend from them (and some people who have the same problem as me will agree) is their dark colored lip products. I suffer from oily skin and these just slip and slide. Within 3 hours, I have lipstick over my lip line and it's honestly just a mess. I blott, use their lip liners, use other brand's lip liners, none of it works. I just stick to their nude shades because of those move, you cannot tell.

The next one (and a lot of people agree) Limecrime.

Oh geez, this one is just messy. The story of what is wrong with them is so long and crazy, I cannot even go over it all. If you want a separate article about it all, in detail, let me know and I'll write about it. Just in short summary, the owner is pretty shady, there was a point in time the products were being made with harmful ingredients, their newest product (the hair dyes) are horrible and do not even last long (as I have heard from a lot of people), and their lip colors, while they may last all day, have an odd texture, almost grainy feeling. Their whole company is just really messy and it sucks because they have potential to being a good company, but they are just ran by a bad person.

MILK Makeup

This one is a bit like Colourpop. I do not hate the brand. I actually like it a lot. They are just super expensive! I was just recently sent from Influenster the new MILK Makeup Blur Stick and I love it. It really blurs my pores and keeps my makeup on all day. But would I have purchased it if I hadn't gotten it for free? Most likely no. I have heard nothing but amazing things about them, both from friends and online reviews. Everyone has the same complaint though; way too expensive. There are other products that are just as great and are being sold for way less than MILK.


I have never been head over heels for this brand. It is nothing SUPER special to me. I got a sample and tried their Deep Sea skin care collection and it kind of had a burning sensation on my skin so I didn't use it again. Their mascara falls off super easy and causes me to look like I have really bad under eye bags. Their eyeliner flakes off through the day and because I have greasy eyelids, even with eye primer it does not stay.Then you have the whole issue with their shapetape foundation that came out. Wow that was a mess! It was so limited in color range and when people commented on the issue, all they said (in summary) is that they did not feel it was necessary to come out with all the different shades first because they wanted to see how it would do with just the lighter shades. I mean, come on, shapetape is loved by all! They knew they were going to do great, probably even better if they had just come out with all the shades! They could have came out with all forty shades and seen a huge difference in their sales, kind of like what Fenty Beauty did... just saying!

Thank you for reading and remember, these are just my opinions. You do not need to agree with me and if you do, let me know if you agree for the same reasons or for different reasons! I am all ears and would love to hear your opinions as well! I would also love to hear if there are other brands you do not like as well!

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