My Desk Items from Amazon

Amazon has helped me make my desk a workable space while in quarantine since all my college classes have been moved online and that I have decided to be a better blog owner. Here are some of the items that have helped me make my workspace manageable while still being cute!

Wooden Monitor Riser

This has seriously upped my workspace so much. I put my laptop on top and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to still type and this has helped with my poor posture instead of crouching over my small laptop. I use the second shelf to store my paperclips and pushpins, glasses, sticky notes, stapler, and a hole puncher. And underneath the whole thing, I store my pocket hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, lip balm, any written-on sticky notes, and nail clippers (I have a habit of biting my nails when working). On the side of this, it has a space to organize all wires, which is perfect because it keeps my laptop charger and Google Home cord from getting all tangled up! It also has a phone slot on the top, which is perfect for holding your phone and coping some text or staying on a FaceTime with. friend while working!

File Organizer

I am awful at organizing papers, so I needed some help. I have some files from Target that I have labeled that I keep towards the back of the slots and I keep spiral notebooks that I am currently using towards the front where I can easily reach. In the bottom two slots, I keep my printer paper and my lined paper organized. This has helped me keep my space looking clean and easily accessible.

Desk Mat

I got this due to my keyboard and mouse but when I received it, it was much larger than I was expecting. I instantly loved it though. It keeps my desk so clean and is smooth to use. It fits well on my desk and I am able to still write on it if I need to. I bought the black one and it is so sleek looking on my desk. I absolutely love it!

Desk Light

I had the same hot pink desk light from Walmart for YEARS. It was time for an upgrade and for my little sister to inherit my light. This light has three settings getting brighter, which is super helpful. It is a charger, which is a game changer! I mostly got this one because I was tired of unplugging things from my plug strip to charge my phone when working. This has helped so much and works so well. The neck of the light is super adjustable and can move in any direction, which is also a plus. I just really like it's a charger, okay? It has been so helpful when on long Zoom calls and I am taking notes on my phone or looking up other information on my iPad and it starts dying, I can just plug it up to my lamp!

Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

And finally, my trusty mouse. I love this baby. It comes with a wireless connector that is shown in the picture that just goes into our laptop. It works for a very long time before you have to plug it in and charge it. You will know when you need to charge it because it will start lagging pretty bad, but again, it takes a while before that happens!

Hopefully you found this helpful and maybe found some new items to help your desk situation. Let me know if you want a part two to this! I can go over Amazon organization all day!

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