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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It can be hard to decorate a new apartment or home when trying to decide your own aesthetic. Making mood boards for how you want any room to feel and look can save a lot of time and help bring the full concept together. Sticking by the mood board will also help make purchasing easier and bring all those purchases together.

I start by getting pictures together on Pinterest. I then download a few specific pictures I liked and then put them together on, which is the best design website ever.

A rule of thumb for decorating: Thrift First! You could find these things cheaper and it is way more sustainable than buying new.

For this specific mood board, this is perfect for the boho-chic individual who loves to open the curtains in the morning and play their Florence + the Machine vinyl on their record player.

These deep mustards and olive greens bring the outside in. If you are a plant person (fake or real, because let's be real, keeping plants alive can be pretty hard).

If you are going to fill your home with real plants, research is always key to what can live and thrive indoors.

You can check out this full Pinterest board here: Yellow and Green Pinterest Board

This is adorable for a home that wants a mixture of femininity and masculinity. The blush pink is soft and warms the home. The navy blue cools it down while leaving a strong presence.

Lighter brown wicker baskets break up the coloring so not everything is so strong of blush and navy. It's also perfect for keeping the room light since the navy is so dark in contrast. Getting darker wicker would darken the room, but if that is what is trying to be achieved, why not?

You can check out this full Pinterest board here: Blush and Navy Pinterest Board

Purple and black color schemes are really hard to achieve without going too gothic or Haunted Mansion (unless that is the goal). But, if wanting to keep it light and airy, lilac and black with golds and greys is perfect. This is another case of plants being present in the home, real or fake, because violet flowers are absolutely gorgeous and freshen up any home.

Vintage and royalty are also great aspects to be added to this scheme. Vintage purple bottles or a royal violet velvet armchair.

You can check out this full Pinterest board here: Purple and Black Pinterest Board

Sleek and polish. Those are the words that come to mind when I see a black and brown color scheme. This design is perfect for anyone of any gender.

Cream tones will be a must to break up the black and brown tones in order to keep the room light and airy. A brown sofa with black pillows and cream blankets and rugs is the perfect mashup. Or even a black sofa with brown and cream pillows with a cream blanket draped over the side and a black and cream rug would be great as well.

You can check out this full Pinterest board here: Black and Brown Pinterest Board

That's it for these mood boards. Let me know if I should do a part two with more colors or of different rooms!

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