I Got a Breast Reduction at 17: 4-Years Post Op!

Wow! Today, June 30, 2021, marks four years since my breast reduction at 17-years-old! There are so many questions I get daily, a few being "Why?" and "Did it help?"

Short answers: Because I was in pain and YES!

But you're here for the long, in-depth answers. I was looking for those long, detailed answers at 17, and never found them, so I had to go into my surgery kind of blind– with no guidance from someone who had gotten this done themselves. Of course, all of the important details were covered by my surgeon, like recovery time, cleaning, and when I can take a shower. But I really wanted to know someone who was around my age getting this surgery done. I was 17! most of the people who posted about their experiences were in their 30s or older. I wanted to know if this caused any huge changes to a young person's life, or if they had any crazy complications, and if their family was there for them. I wanted to be able to relate to people on a much more personal level.

A year after my surgery, I started posting about how it went and how I was feeling, and I got an influx of messages to my YouTube channel and my Instagram DMs from people who were around 16 or 17 trying to get a breast reduction. It was such an amazing feeling because while I didn't have anyone to reach out to for my surgery, I can be that person for others.

So for the first question, "Why?":

I was in a mass amount of pain. I have scoliosis that we believe was worsened by my breast size. I never officially got measured, always shopping at Walmart for a bra that was cheap and could somewhat hold me (which probably contributed to many of my back problems as well). The bra sizes differed from brand to brand at Walmart, but we believe I was around an F or H cup. I sagged low, which caused my whole upper body to want to sag as well.

Mentally, I was in pain as well.

My breast caused a false presence of my body, making me look in the mirror and hate my body shape and size. Most shirts that would fit my stomach would not fit my breasts, making me have to go up and size or two, but also making the shirt super baggy in my torso. I had told myself all of high school I was disgusting due to how I looked. No one will ever understand the amazement I felt when I was allowed to wear bras again after the surgery, looking in the changing room mirror and seeing that I had "dropped a size" in tops and how I didn't look so wide. That's when I truly realized I was hating my body for all of those years due to simply my breasts.

I truly believe my chest size made me look older than I was, causing senior boys to hit on me and give me the nickname "Big Tit Niss" as a freshman. Going off-campus for lunch with my friends always brought upon small business owners asking how old we all were, always guessing that my friends were all 13 or 14 and I was always 17 or 18. It was always awful, having to correct them and seeing them look me up and down before saying, "Oh! Sorry!"

Wearing a graphic tee that was truly my size made me feel weird because of how stretched it looked over my chest and wearing a V-neck or any dress made everyone stare at my chest even more. There was nothing I could wear that made me feel safe in my body. After the reduction, I now have found my sense of style and love within my body, seeing there are no painful restrictions against me. Yes, I am still busty, being a 42 DD, but I don't feel busty in comparison to what I was before. I have a wider range of clothes that I can wear that I feel comfortable in.

I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Second question, "Did it help?":

Well, I answered a bit of that in the first answer. It helped immensely. I do have pain still, scoliosis will never go away, but I can definitely better manage it better than before. Before the reduction, I always wanted to work out or go for a run, but I never liked the feeling of my chest moving, and there were no sports bras that could hold and compress me the way I wanted. Now, I can easily move around and not feel uncomfortable with my chest moving too much or other people saying, "Did your boob hit you in the eye?" No, Alex, it didn't hit me in the eye.

If you're ever looking for great sports bras, I high recommend Torrid for theirs! Especially their zip-up ones! Literally, a god-send! They sell out quickly, so keep an eye out lol.

If you'd like a more in-depth story and have way more questions answered, please make sure to check out my YouTube video.

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