How I Made My Bag Sample

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

I never saw myself thinking of a design for a bag, let alone making a bag, but I needed to get this assignment done. So while dragging my feet, I decided to go ahead and do it. Little did I know, I would have fun with this and want to maybe do this again. Boho, city chic tote bags are fun, and that's exactly the route I wanted to go in.

I started by going on Pinterest and making a mood board: This is how I want my bag to feel; The environment I could see my bag in; The places I could see this bag being hung or even the people I could see carrying it. I then chose a few of those photos and went to and made an overall mood board that is easy to look back at and reference:

Once my mood board was done, I decided to get started. I went to Michaels and got everything I needed: A plain tote bag (since I just needed to design it), ribbon to make stripes, and fabric adhesive.

I had gotten twine too but decided not to use it, so ignore that part. I started sketching out how I wanted to place the ribbon to make my stripes. I wanted some horizontal, but then my designer seven-year-old sister gave me the idea to do a couple vertical as well.

There are my stripes! I knew I couldn't be done though, so much blank space, I didn't know what exactly to do. This would be an awesome minimalist bag for the New Yorker girl running to Whole Foods, but I feel like this needed some roughing up to say "Hey, I'm different!" My sister grabbed out my paint and told me to paint something (she was most excited about this because I told her this bag will be hers when I am done). When trying to decide what to paint, we both at the same time said, "Moon!"

So I got to sketching and painting.

Some roughed up moon phases painted on and some minimalist stripes around it. My sister described it as the unknown (very smart little seven-year-old). This ended up being a very fun project that I feel like I learned a lot from. I would definitely do this again and maybe design more tote bags for the future!

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