Current night skincare routine

Morning skincare routines lead to lazy days in or are a basic primer before makeup, but nighttime skin routines lead to nourishment while we sleep. Nighttime skincare routines shouldn’t feel painful or like a chore. This is a time to wind down after a long day and take care of yourself. This time should be a little self-care moment every day.

Granted, washing my face and taking all my makeup off can feel like a chore that I have no patience for. But once getting all of that off, I can proceed with my routine and can lay peacefully on my pillow.

If you haven’t already, go read my morning skincare routine because some of those products I do repeat in my night routine. Especially while having acne, it’s great to use some of those acne-fighting products in the morning and at night to fight all those lumps and bumps.

I do suffer from oily, acneic skin, but at night, I like to focus on moisturizing my skin as much as I can because all of these acne-fighting products dry out my skin, so replenishing moisture to the skin is a must!

Removing Makeup: Belif Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm

I have always struggled with makeup removing balms being so oily to the point that when I try to remove it with my cleanser, there is still a residue left over. This is oil-free with no scent and feels great on my skin. It also takes all that mascara gunk off, which is amazing! I am usually left with mascara residue for a few days, but this totally takes it and doesn’t burn my eyes when trying to work it all off as well.

Face Wash: Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

I know the Oxy face wash that I use in the morning says that once you build up a tolerance to it, you can start using it twice a day, but I was never a fan. Using it twice a day made my skin feel super dry and wasn’t worth it, so that’s why I started using a different wash at night. This is super soft on the skin and feels milky with a light lather. I use this lightly over my eyelids if I have some foundation or light amounts of makeup that doesn’t constitute the use of makeup remover.

Exfoliate: Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

I only exfoliate my skin twice to three times a week, depending on the weather or dry my skin is at the time. I have been hunting for a good exfoliating scrub for a while because a lot that I had used in the past would be too rough or actually cause my skin to burn a bit (I believe it had to do with how bad my acne was at the time). GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser is a light scrub that lathers really well and smells like grapefruit. Origin’s GinZing line catches my eye every time due to their bright, orange tones, and because I love their scrub, I definitely want to try others from this line.

Toner: Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner in Lavender

Since I use retinol at night, I feel like the lavender in this balances the harshness of the retinol and keeps my skin hydrated. Many of the products I use during the day on my skin are harsh due to my acne, so using something that cools down my face is definitely ideal.

Retinol: CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum

I use to be on Tretinoin 0.05% cream, which has retinol in it, but I have stopped using it for multiple reasons. I did want to try a strict retinol serum for my acne, and I had heard amazing things about CeraVe since the pandemic started (anyone else seen them hyped on Twitter or TikTok?). With retinol, you have to be careful and work slowly with them. When I first started this one, I went all in and tried using it every night, which caused a weird, dry rash to break out. I panicked at first, but after doing research, I realized it’s because I didn’t give my skin time to acclimate to the change.

I started using it twice a week, moved to every other day and then after a month or so, I started using it every day, which was way better and I never experienced any issues. I have noticed serious changes in my skin and my acne as well. My chin used to get really big pustules around my period and since I started this, I get small ones, but not giant, alarming ones like before.

Acne Spot Treatment: Urban Skin Rx Acne Serum + Spot Treatment

I use this in the morning as well, but if I have a zit that needs to go away, this has definitely been a savior of mine. It is drying, so again, this is why I stress using moisturizers and oils that people with my skin type would normally stay away from.

Moisturizer: Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream

I use this morning and night because it’s very cooling and feels great on my skin. Totally rejuvenating and my skin after all the harsh products and whatever else I put on my skin throughout the day.

Oil: The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

I don’t use oil every night, but I definitely use this the most on my face and chest around winter and spring due to the weather. I would never put oil on during the day due to going out and seeing people, so I only ever put this on at night. It doesn’t smell like anything, so I found it’s great for people who have sensitive skin.

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