Coachella 2018 Favorite Looks

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Coachella is officially over for the year and there were some STUNNING looks! I was impressed by all the fashion and style choices, so I decided to show them to you, just in case you missed them.

Alex Centomo (@alexcentomo)

On day three, Alex wore a cute, girly look, which is also breathable for the hot, California heat. The crochet, baby blue top with the heart pasties underneath is just adorable. You can easily get those pasties from places like Amazon or Bloomingdales. The cute little matching blue hair clips I think really pulls this outfit together for me. Keep your hair out of your face so you don't miss Beyonce!

Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy)

The funny and beautiful Youtube star, Liza Koshy, known for her upbeat videos, wore this outfit on the first day of Coachella. Such a simple and all monotone look, but dang, does it look GOOD! A loose black tank-top and cute black bralette underneath can be found at almost any store. The boots and bandana are also amazing additions. And, also, bonus points for the pose!

Kristen McAtee (@kristenmcatee) and Scotty Sire (@vanilladingdong)

Kristen and Scotty had a good look on the first day of Coachella. The yellow accent is great, and for me, what I really like is the contrast they had. Scotty with his white and yellow look and Kristen, with her being in black and yellow. This contrast is adorable, but I also love how Kristen is somewhat matching with her best friend, Liza (mentioned above). The same kind of seatbelt-belt and sticking to the two-color-look (Liza being in black and grey). I love this whole first day look between all of them.

Nikita Dragun (@nikita_dragun)

Mama Nikita served some LOOKS on the third day! She was serving looks the whole weekend, but for some reason, this one really stood out to me. From the short hair to the leather top (which obviously kept her cool throughout the day since it is barely there) to the self-promo belt, I was just obsessed. To be honest, if someone walked around with a self-promo belt, they would be seen as narcissistic, but when Nikita does it, it is most definitely a look.

Jessie Paege (@jessiepaege)

Jessie is (another) Youtube star that posts fun and quirky videos that are helpful to teeangers or just for anyone looking for her content. This is her day two look and it is so adorable. Her comment on this photo is, "happy little pastel princess", and I could not agree more. I love the pastel rainbow look on her because it corresponds with her personality, which is really fun but still very soft (if that makes sense).

Tess Christine (@tesschristinexo)

On day two, Tess Christine wore a simple outfit that, honestly, you could wear on a day to day basis in this Cali heat. The white bandana (I see bandanas are making a comeback, especially for Coachella) and the white booties really tie in the look. These fun colors mixed with neutrals is honestly my favorite thing right now. She always has the most perfect closet, so I knew she would be serving looks for Coachella. If you watch her Youtube channel, you will see that she has a perfect look for all occasions.

Toddy Smith (@todderic_), Scotty Sire (@vanilladingdong), and Zane Hijazi (@zane)

The boys are here on day one! I love these matching triplets so much. Scotty matched with his girlfriend, Kristen, for a second, but then ran and matched with his boys, Todd and Zane. Now, am I a fan of green and yellow being matched? Not all so much. Am I a fan of guys matching with their best friends, holding hands, and skipping down the street? Yes, yes I am. The fact that I always see girls matching with their besties, but almost never see guys matching, ESPECIALLY for Coachella makes me upset, but this! This is what I am here for! Guys matching with their buddies. I want to see this more often. Coachella 2019, I'll be keeping a lookout!

Quincie (@itsquincie)

This is exactly what I was talking about! Neutrals being mixed with bright colors! I absolutely love the rainbow jacket over the simple black bikini set with her black and white shoes. Quincie is looking like she is having fun on her last day of Coachella, but to be quite honest, she looked great both weekends! This look is also so simple but cute enough for you to wear during the summer when going to the pool or the beach!

Cassie Diamond (@cassiediamonddd)

On the second day, Cassie was leaving all her fans shook! A cute fanny pack and matching pink pants with a fun, golden bikini top, what more can you ask for? The rainbow shades with the matching hair is also a beautiful touch! I am typically not a fan of fanny packs, but this look is making me think that maybe, just maybe, I should go purchase a cute one for myself! Good job on serving looks both weekends, Cassie!

Vanessa Morgan (@vanessamorgan) and Camila Mendes (@camimendes)

The Riverdale co-stars looked super cute on the second day of Coachella. Nothing complicated, just all fun! The bold blues that Vanessa was sporting with all her cute gems kept me enticed. The simple white top (or bathing suit??) that Camila was wearing with her rainbow skirt it totally cute too! The matching blue eyeshadow between the two friends was also a cute touch as well!

Laura Mellado (@lauramellado)

Laura, the owner of Laura's Boutique and also best friends with James Charles, showed up to Coachella in this super sexy outfit! The fishnet cover with the metallic bra-top made the hot day in California hotter. And look at the bandana tied around her arm! I'm telling you, bandanas are officially back for 2018!

That is it for this Coachella 2018 lookbook! Honestly, I could have kept adding, but that would have made this post so freaking long, so I decided to end it here. Were there any looks that I should have added? Let me know down below! Thank you for reading!

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