Boho Lovin Plus Size Look

As a plus size girl, I find it hard to find clothing that fits correctly and in a flattering way. Torrid is my go-to store because I am always able to find what I need. That is why I was so excited when they reached out to me about collaborating!

As you may remember from this post, I was sent multiple pieces of clothing and was asked to model them however I wanted, so this is another one of the outfits:

These are one of my favorite pants now. Like, ever! They are super comfy and my phone camera so easily picked up the colors for some amazing shots. As you can see, I used a tripod for my phone and what you can't see is the camera clicker in my hand.

My tripod is a camera tripod that I connected a small phone tripod to. I do recommend getting both if you like taking pictures in general because I like leaving the smaller phone tripod in my car for if I'm driving around and I see a place that I want to take pictures. It's basically an on-the-go tripod! But, staying budget-friendly, you can definitely just get the phone tripod.

If you are from the last post about the Torrid shoot, you will recognize this location. With the pandemic still happening, I had to find a place that was secluded and away from the public. I decided to use the top of the parking garage in Downtown Brea around 6:30 pm for the best lighting. Timing is always important for photography, so make sure when getting ready for a big photoshoot, keep an eye on the weather and the and the Sun's movement in the sky. This time changes through the year so that is why you can't always rely on 6:00 pm to be your golden hour. Everything comes into play when taking pictures!

Also, have a backup plan! Do not wait until the last second to get a brand's photos done because if they are due tomorrow and you decide to take them today at your local park at 5:00 pm, but you show up and there is a birthday party happening, it will definitely put you in a panic. Make sure you give yourself enough time to breathe and work on this! Have some backup locations and other dates set up.

Also, don't be scared! I know it can be intimidating taking pictures where people can see you, so if you really want to start taking pictures but you're scared, try shooting in your house first or secluded locations to build your confidence and practice posing. Once you get the hang of it, get out there and take some pictures!

Lastly, if you are anything like me, you lose small things. I lost my camera clicker after these pictures (I think I put it on top of my car and drove off, oops!), so I would recommend getting extras! Put one in your car, one in your purse, and leave one at home! Get as many backups as you can, because you will need them!

Shop the look:

Top: Sage Green Textured Jersey Strapless Crop Top

Bottoms: Multi Geo Gauze Tie Front Wide Leg Pant

That is it for this post, please let me know if you have any questions or if there is something you would like to see posted! Remember you can contact me at or on any of my socials:

Instagram: annisa_c_love

Twitter: annisa_c_love

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