Big Lots Bedroom/Dorm Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I do not feel like Big Lots gets enough credit. They have great stuff, and actually, they have some really cute things for bedroom decor, especially back to school dorm room decor! My mother use to take me to Big Lots quite often as a child, but we slowly stopped going, but now, I feel like visiting the store all the time now! Here are some things I found that would be great for a girl’s dorm room!

Stay On Time!

I found these really cute wall clocks that are perfect! The small clock is only $5 and it is super cute and girly. The baby pink is so feminine. Personally, I am really attracted to the $10 rose gold clock. Rose gold is a mature, feminine spin on the blush tones, and I love it. This is perfect for going off to college; being an adult and decorating your room to be mature, rather than the teddy bears and hot pink decor is exactly what a college student needs. I did find a clock that mixed the two, being girly and feminine but mature at the same time:

Only $8 and super cute! Rose gold but with bows can be a cute little addition to your new dorm room.

Keep Yourself Up to Date!

They have some great daily planners for your 2018-2019 school year! Get a daily planner and stay on top of your homework and exams! You can even write in for yourself the days you are going to take off for mental health days, because everyone deserves a day off for themselves. These planners are super inexpensive and cute, compared to some places where daily planners are $20. Also check their clearance because they sometimes put their planners on sale for between $2 and $5!

Organize Your Clothes in Style!

An over the door rack and some cute hangers! The door rack may not always work when in a dorm, unless you and your roommate can discuss sharing it. The door rack is only $3 and it says there’s only six hooks, but there is actually twelve because the top hooks can be used for purses or backpacks and things like that. The hangers are cute, with the touch of rose gol1d, and they are velvet, which means they will hold almost all clothes you hang on it. And they are twenty in the pack for only $8! That is an amazing deal!

Store Your Clutter!

These are cute and nice ways to store your stuff. You can store your things in just the four drawer rolling cabinet or you can get a full desk and store your things in the shelves. The cabinet is only $59.99 and the desk is only $79.99.

Get a Desk to Work At!

First thing, I could not find the price for the desk, but look how cute it is! Very minimalistic and rustic, perfect place to sit and work at (and take aesthetic pictures of you ‘working’). Then there is the really cute matching chair for only $79.99. Super cute and comfy!

Instagram Room? Yes Please!

A cute plant for your new cute desk! Yes, I know it’s $20, but keep an eye on it! It could end up being on sale soon! And look at those minimalistic lights! And they are only $12! I am in love with just these two as a pairing!

Light Up Your Room!

If you cannot light candles in your, fake LED candles are great for the rose gold candle stand. And the lamp is simple but cute! And inly $18! Score!

Some Extras!

Who doesn’t need a fluffy blanket for $15? Super cute and soft. And that shelf I have personally been staring at for the past week now. It is $22 but so cute! I am keeping my eye on it, hoping it goes on sale!

Let me know if you would like a part two to this! This was a lot of fun and I would not mind doing this with more stores! I am posting this as part of the Influenster contest, but this was so much fun. What store would you want to see next? Khols? Target? Let me know down below!

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