Desk Favs from Amazon

These are just three of my favorites from Amazon that have totally made a change in my desk life!

Tablet/iPad Stand

This has totally helped me when I'm on Zoom calls so I can pull up docs and follow along with my classmates without the whole iPad falling over. It's adjustable as well, which is super helpful for any situation! I can also easily watch Netflix with this mount, which is perfect. Popcorn and Gossip Girl anyone?

Cell Phone Stand

I found myself many times at the beginning of quarantine trying to charge my phone while also trying to prop it against something on my desk, which obviously couldn't happen if the charger was sticking out the bottom. Buying this changed the game because I can charge my phone while having it completely accessible while I'm working or messaging people. I had to get a matching rose gold one, the difference is this one is not adjustable like the tablet holder.

Six-Port USB Charger

For the most part, I'm only ever using two ports at once, charging my headphones and phone at once, but this was definitely something I needed. I hated having a bunch of USB chargers hanging down my desk and having to plug them in and unplug them. This is just way better and I keep it behind my monitor stand so it's always accessible.

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