6 winter home decor items from Amazon

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Halloween came and went within a snap and now our minds are in the winter holidays. While we may be on sugar rushes still from all that Halloween candy (or even discount candy if you don't celebrate), we can use that energy to get some decor shopping done.

No matter what you celebrate, these six fun decor items will make your indoors feel warm, cozy and ready for any occasion.

1. Snowflake Pillow Covers

Nothing says winter like snowflakes! Even if living in places where there is no snow (like SoCal), we still dream of white winters. These cute covers are great and can be folded up and stored away when Spring arrives. These covers come in multiple colors too, black being one of them (if you know me, you know I love my dark decor).

2. Rustic Lanterns

A little snow scene with deer brings excitement about the wintertime. These little metal lanterns are super cute! Just add a small LED tea light and they will bring a warm feeling to your home. While the title says "Christmas", this doesn't necessarily show a Christmas scene.

3. Mason Jar Lights

I am entranced by these. Hang these on either side of your bed, above your couch, either side of your T.V., spread these out around hanging shelves, the ideas are countless! I could see these staying up year-round, but for the cool, winter season, these can be a beautiful addition to the home.

4. Golden Glass Box

A glass box obviously does not have to be seasonal, but for those of us who decorate around one aesthetic, this totally adds some love to the home. I am imagining a gold and white winter, so this would be great in the bedroom to hold jewelry, in the living area on the coffee table to hold remotes or smaller items, or in the kitchen to hold those yummy, warm treats and meals. This could be a great gift for a jewelry loving friend as well!

5. A White Fleece Blanket

Blankets thrown over chairs or couches are not only decorative but double as a great way to quickly warm yourself or your family when snuggling up by the fire or when watching movies. The reason I say this is a great winter decor item is because of children and pets. I love the white decor and white blankets, but dirty fingers and messy paws like to ruin these things. So, if we can keep white pieces out for shorter amounts of time, the better the chances these will last longer. That's not saying in that short amount of time, grubby Cheeto fingers won't touch them, but we can only hope, right?

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

Before you knock this one down or say you already have one, this one connects to your phone and Alexa. From your phone, you can change the colors of the cube, adjust the mist density, turn it on and off and even schedule it! You can even tell Alexa to turn the system on or off, turn the color brightness down or even change the color. Talk about hands-free. I love diffusers during the winter while I am trying to sleep because my nose gets so stuffed up. Peppermint, lavender and a bit of eucalyptus really clear up my nose, just a tip!

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