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Kitchens can be hard to design because got the most part, we think of white, bright kitchens. I grew up with the idea that when I get my own kitchen to paint and decorate, it would be all white with white marble. It's still a beautiful idea, but I have been seeing more and more colorful kitchens.

I'm starting to change my mind on what I really want in a kitchen and if anything, I've found myself more confused about what I like, which made me realize others may have the same issue. Pinterest has been my go-to for ideas and building mood boards, as you may remember from my living rooms post.

Green Kitchens

I have been seeing more and more green accented kitchens pop up on Instagram, HGTV and Pinterest, and I have to say, I'm a bit obsessed. Just look how gorgeous these kitchens are. The idea of a kitchen is to keep it bright and many people would be against green because green can be dark, but mixing the green with white marbles can keep the entire room light.


Black cabinets are so sleek. I am so obsessed with the black and white look. Especially with white bottles with black labeling on display on shelves or the counter space. I didn't find any on Pinterest, but I imagine this being beautiful with the white walls and counters with black cabinets and drawers and then gold accents. I've seen the bronze accents, which are gorgeous as well, but gold would be really pretty too!


Blue is not a color I am usually fond of, but this is another one that I have been seeing pop up on Instagram and HGTV. Initially, I was caught off guard with the color but quickly warmed up to it. This is a lot like the green, where people would normally shy away from it due to darkness, but balancing it with white will definitely keep the room bright. Blue is also known for invoking feelings of calmness and relaxation, which is great for when we're cooking big meals for our family gatherings!

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