3 Desk Items You Need from Amazon

I know I've already done one of these, but the list keeps adding up! These desk items can move off the desk, following you to your bed, living room or out and about. I personally use these on my desk in my home office now that I am spending hours upon hours glued to my desk chair.

Living in SoCal where the winters are hot still, and I'm glued to my phone due to being a wanna-be influencer and where the pandemic is still running strong so instead of going out and taking breaks from my technology, I am staring at screens daily, these products that I ordered using my Amazon Prime have really helped me.

2-Pack Blue Blocking Glasses

I see these jump on sale every once in a while, but these are so cute and so worth it. I was getting massive headaches while working, and these have definitely helped. A two-pack is always great as well because you can keep one on your desk and one on your nightstand, travel with one and leave the other at home or just use the extra as a back-up if you break/lose the first pair. The pack comes in two different colors, which are perfect for matching with outfits as well (yes, I coordinate my glasses with my outfits, especially for Zoom calls).

Double Charging Power Bank

If you're here from my TikTok about these items, you'll notice this is not the same power bank. Unfortunately, the one I have is not available any longer, but this one is pretty much the same. This one is actually better, honestly, and I am jealous. This one has two USB charging outlets, so you can charge two phones or a phone and a tablet at once (the one I have has to have an individual special charger for certain double charging, so I'll never charge two things at once). It's also very sleek and thin so it will fit pretty much anywhere and not be too bulky (think of the thin bottles that are trending that fit into your hand and purse perfectly).

Small Copper USB Desk Fan

It may be fall/winter, but here in SoCal, it's still pretty warm. This cute little fan has a USB plug, so I have it plugged into my lamp that has a USB outlet (I know, fancy). It may be small, but it does have some power to it! When it's hot in my room/at my desk, this really helps cool me down. I love this cute fan and it definitely adds a vintage look to my desk as well, which I love.

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